Farmer Morgan

MorganOhlandPhotoFarmer Morgan inherited her green thumb from her mother, a life-long gardener and military wife who has grown vegetables all over the United States. Morgan was ‘transplanted’ to Central Florida from the northeast in 1999 where she spent the next 11 years cultivating vegetables and raising community awareness about food.

Like many other women on the forefront of the sustainable agriculture movement, Morgan started with no previous experience or formal education in agriculture. Motivated by a passion for healthy, local food and aided by extensive research on sustainable farming practices, she works to remind us of what we have lost in our relationship with our food.

Her first commercial venture began in 2005 when she started a gardening service that set up and maintained private vegetable gardens for residents in Brevard County, FL. By 2006 she had leased her first piece of land in Cocoa, FL and founded Four Hands Farm, LLC – Brevard County’s first CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program.

In 2010 Farmer Morgan relocated to Virginia with her husband and finally settled in Floyd on a beautiful 7 acre parcel. She is currently raising heritage livestock, operating a ‘concierge’ service for vegetables and working on a book titled ‘Opting Out of the American Food Machine’.

Morgan specializes in small-scale, organic, sustainable vegetable crop production and CSA management. She has been a regular speaker at meetings and events around Central Florida & Virginia, teaches gardening workshops and classes to kids and adults, and provides consulting services to individuals and organizations interested in local food production.

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