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How are Floydioli packaged & how much do they cost?

Each package of Floydioli costs $7.99 and contains 14 two-inch Floydioli  (two servings.) Varieties are packaged separately.

Are all of your ingredients certified organic?

No. There are many debates currently raging over local versus organic, certification, labeling, food safety, etc. – and we aren’t prepared to get into any of that here. We try to source as many ingredients locally (from our farm and other area farms) as we can – that is our first priority. Some of these farms have obtained their organic certification but many have not. Most of them are using sustainable and health-promoting practices and avoid the use of pesticides, chemicals & petroleum-based fertilizers. When we can’t find an ingredient locally we try to use certified organic products. There are some ingredients that we either can’t find an organic product or, in a few cases, the cost would be too prohibitive to purchase the organic variety. We are happy to provide you specifics on any ingredient if you would like to know where it came from and how it was grown or sourced.

Why don’t you sell your stuffed pastas fresh instead of frozen?

Because we use fresh, real ingredients in our fillings, they tend to have a much higher moisture content than the stuffed pastas that you’ll find in grocery stores. Our fillings will basically ‘soak’ the pasta dough and turn the Floydioli soggy if held in the refrigerator for too long. Because we don’t want to unnecessarily over-process our fillings – or use dehydrated ingredients instead of fresh – we opted to Fresh-Freeze them instead of packaging them for sale fresh.

What does Fresh-Frozen mean?

We make all of Floydioli using fresh ingredients – and that means moisture (see question above). In order to maintain the quality of the product – and to decrease the likelihood that it will go bad before you have a chance to use it – we opted to freeze them as soon as they were prepared.

Your pastas are frozen, why is the expiration date only 4-6 weeks from when I purchased them?

Our stuffed pasta is made with real, fresh ingredients, including dairy products in some of the varieties. We don’t use preservatives or chemicals of any kind which means eventually they will spoil. If properly frozen, they will technically last much longer than 4-6 weeks, but the taste and quality will start to degrade after that amount of time. Eat them while they are still fresh & delicious and then order more!

I can get frozen ravioli cheaper in the grocery store. Why is your product more expensive?

Our product IS more expensive. We use real, fresh ingredients, we make everything by hand, we don’t take shortcuts and we focus on quality and taste. We roll our dough to a thinner thickness so that the balance between the pasta and fillings is perfect – we don’t make it thicker just so the package weighs more. You are paying for quality, care and taste and you’re supporting a local business.

Why isn’t your product available in more stores?

Our product is made in small, hand-made batches and is expensive to produce. When we sell to retail stores we have to heavily discount the price and it really isn’t worth it to us. We do have some varieties in a limited number of stores so that customers can have another purchase option besides our mobile farm stand, but we don’t actively seek out new retail opportunities.

What is the proper way to cook Floydioli?

Floydioli are delicate – not like the dried pastas you normally find in stores. Floydioli should be cooked in water that is at a slow or rolling boil for 6 mintues (al dente) and NEVER in a hard or rapid boil.

Some of my Floydioli split open while cooking – what happened?

Most likely the water that you were using was at too hard or rapid a boil. Sometimes the fillings do freeze faster than the dough and can cause hairline cracks that might split when cooking. We try not to let any of these find their way into our customers hands. If you feel that the problem was with the product and not the cooking method please let us know.

Is it true that I can compost all of the packaging in my home compost pile?

Yes! Packaging is a big issue for us. We deliberately sought out materials that were 100% compostable in a home compost bin setting. If you don’t compost, we’d be happy to compost your used packaging for you at our farm.

Why don’t you offer a gluten-free version of Floydioli?

We have a relative with a life-threatening food allergy so we take this issue very seriously. We use copious amounts of wheat flour every day and it gets everywhere –  on every bowl, surface, sink and piece of equipment. It would not be possible for us to produce a gluten-free product that we were comfortable with in our current facility; we simply couldn’t be sure that there weren’t trace amounts of wheat flour getting into the product. While we know that many people who choose not to eat gluten do not have a serious food allergy, we have a responsibility to consider the people that do.

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