2016 Farm Shares

Take Five Farm is pleased to announce the opening of our new ‘Concierge’ Vegetable Farm Shares!

Much like a traditional CSA (Community Supported Agriculture), our clients enter into an agreement with us to grow their food for them. Unlike a traditional CSA, where the farmer chooses  what to grow, we are a full-service concierge farm – we have a dedicated vegetable ‘patch’ where we grow exactly what YOU want to eat. You can visit the farm and harvest your own fresh veggies, or we will pick them for you and deliver – whatever works best for you!

How Does it Work?

You decide what you would like to eat this season – we give you a list of all the veggie options and you choose what you would like us to grow for you. We are available to help you determine how much of each vegetable to grow based on your eating patterns.

Each ‘patch’ is approximately 15 square feet of garden space plus we include three ‘field’ crops (these are vegetables like melons or squash that eat up a lot of space, so we keep them out of the regular growing beds and out in a field where they have more room to roam). How much you can grow in each patch is determined by the vegetables you choose. Typically, you can grow enough food for 1 person in 1 or 2 patches, depending on your vegetable consumption and if you want to have food left over for canning or freezing.

Why offer this kind of share? We used to operate a typical CSA from our farm in Florida and what we learned during those years was that there are a lot of people out there that really want to eat fresh, local food – but the vegetables that came in their weekly share didn’t always match their preferences and habits. If this sounds like you, then this might be the farm share for you!


If you are interested in learning more please read our Frequently Asked Questions page and contact us at Morgan@TakeFiveFarm.com or (540) 505-4988.

Ready to sign up? Please start the process by completing our online sign-up form located here.

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